Thursday, September 4, 2014

World Of Warcraft - Warlords of Draenor - No Appearance Change / Re-customization For Release of New Models

This post pertains mainly to those of you that play World Of Warcraft. 
The next expansion, titled Warlords of Draenor, is going to be released mid November. One of the main selling points of the expansion is the inclusion of new character models. However, the way Blizzard Entertainment is handling the release of these new models is quite the mistake.

While most of my characters are Blood Elves... I'm going to have quite the wait it seems for a new model to worry about.

When they first released the new model changes I thought a free (one time) character appearance change was a given. However, when it was announced that it wasn't, I couldn't help but wonder what Blizzard was thinking.

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Since Blizzcon last year they have been rather quiet about the subject, and have gone on to say it hasn't been decided. However, the only official comment is that it isn't going to happen, according to an interview with Tom Chilton. 

With the release of the expansion growing ever closer, including the release of the 6.0 patch, which will include the new character models (as what is known right now), they are running out of time on making an "official" decision.

Tweets and posts by Blizzard:

WoW Insider Interview Today:

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Yeah, we can revert back to the old model, but if that's their reasoning for not providing an appearance change, it's a very lousy one to put it lightly. How many people are going to want to use their old model compared to the newer ones? I would wager a very small percentage. Many people have been waiting for updates on the models for YEARS.

If a person is going to be "forced" to use (as in without paying for an appearance change) their old model, due to the appearance of their new model, then it's a complete waste of resources on Blizzard's part for that person.

A one time character appearance change should be included in some form. Whether a limited time deal, where you only have a couple weeks or so to use the option, have to use it before you log in once 6.0 hits, or whatever, it needs to be included. There is no reason to not include it except to make some people pay for a change.

Fact: Right now an appearance change is $15, but it comes with the option of a name and gender change.

How about this: remove the name change and gender change options and just provide character feature changes, such as hair, face, skin tone, and other cosmetic changes that can only be done when creating a new character.

Or, give the barber shop an upgrade to provide these services (minus the name and gender change) and make the changes cost a "high" enough fee that will discourage people from constantly using it. Another idea instead of a high gold cost would be a cool down that would only allow you to do these changes once every X amount of days (or add this along with the high gold fee).

There needs to be some way for people to change the options of their character (which can only be done with a character appearance change, minus the name and gender change) that is either a one time deal or something we can do in game.

I will be very, very disappointed if a one time free character appearance change (or an upgrade to the barber shop) is not provided for each race when their new model is released.