Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ebola and the Idiocy of the American Media

Ebola...Ebola! Ebola!! Ebola!!!!!!!!!!

God damn every channel, every piece of news revolves around E-b-o-l-a.
Hey media, want to know what the most infectious disease, with no known cure, and the ability to mutate into something else and kill whole populations is? The mother fucking flu, not to mention the common cold.

Here's the problem, they are making such a big deal about it being "here" that is what is pissing me off.

Stop putting so much fear and misinformation into the minds of the public. Ebola is a very dangerous disease, that is for sure, but the chance you will contract it is nearly beyond being fathomable because it is so small. Seventeen people, yes 17, have the disease outside of Africa. Six of which are United States Citizens (not other nationalities).

The population of the United States is 316.1 million. This means, that here in the United States, 1.89e-8 percent of the population has the disease. That is 0.0000000189%. And none have died.

Why is there so much difference between the infections here in the US and the other countries? Simple: difference between a "first world" country and a "third world" country in terms of medical capabilities.

The media should be focusing on Africa and how to stop the spread of the virus there.

"We" do not have a problem. But if it continues in Africa we may have one.

Turn your asses around and point your cameras at Africa and what we can do to STOP the disease there.