Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stop The Hate

Before I begin, I would like everyone to watch this video. Please be warned it's very graphic in terms of what happens to this person as they are disowned by their family due to their sexual orientation:

The Pain of being Disowned by your Family

This video was brought to my attention from one of the news feeds I read, and also saw on Reddit. My first reaction was this had to be a hoax and couldn't possibly be real. Then I investigated further and found out that it was a real incident.

The person in the video, holding the camera, is gay. He was called by his family into a kind of "intervention" meeting, like you would see for people on drugs or having alcohol problems. I have never witnessed such hate and discrimination against a person, especially by their own family, THEIR OWN MOTHER AND FATHER!

How can these people be such... monsters towards their own child? When I think of a family, there are two people that I would place the most trust: my mother and father. The two people who made my life possible. The ones that support me, love me through the good and the bad, and will never disown me as their child.

I wont go further than that about what is contained in the video, as it needs to be seen to fully understand.

I understand that many people have strong religious convictions and opinions regarding homosexuality. They may have the belief that it isn't right, a sin, or maybe simply don't like the idea. That's fine, it's their opinion. But when it reaches the point that you attempt to force your ideals on another person, you've crossed the line.

I am not religious, but someone posted this who identified themselves as a Christian who was ashamed of the actions of those in the video:

"Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever." - Timothy 5:8

Take from that what you will.

Being disowned by your own family has to be the hardest thing anyone can go through. Thrown out like trash, as if you are an abomination of humanity, goes to show the absolute ignorance that still is prevalent in our society.

Even those whom simply don't "like" the idea of an LGBT person are doing the same. Are you being hurt by someone who is gay? Are they directly interfering with your life? Please explain.

Also, why is it so important if it is a choice or if you were born gay? Why does it matter? I don't care about scientific data to back the claim up that people are "born" with a different sexual orientation. I don't care if later in life someone makes a decision that they identify themselves as being of a different sexual orientation. The argument between these two identifiers is meaningless and just adds fuel to the debate fire.

If you are gay or not, who the fuck cares who, what, when, where, why, or how it happened. You are who you are.

We've been through this before, and history is repeating itself. Only this time it's not due to the color of someone's skin, and even then we still see conflicts over it.

Ostracizing someone or a group of people is wrong, no matter who they are, or even what they are. For all I care you could be an Alien from another world, you still shouldn't be faced with prejudice just because of who you are.

We are all sentient beings.

Stop the hate.