Thursday, August 28, 2014

European Union: Time to Step Up to the Plate

All right, enough is enough. You keep letting "Big Red" do what they want, they are going to keep going. European Union, I'm looking at you. DO NOT DEPEND ON THE UNITED STATES TO PROTECT YOUR FRONT DOOR. Step up and do something about it.

Remember, you told the United States you wanted less of our help/presence in the region. Now, you are begging for it. What's it going to be? To be honest, I want our government to give you a big "fuck you" due to your stupidity. Handle your own mess, hell, that's what you wanted in the first place: less involvement by the United States. European

But no, we know you can't do it. We know you don't have the resolve to do anything about it. Right now, here's where NATO stands:

"Poland and the three Baltic states have been alarmed at the perceived threat from Russia and have been clamoring for a stronger NATO presence in the region. They have criticized what they see as tokenism in the alliance's response so far.

But the issue of permanent NATO bases in east Europe is divisive. The French, Italians and Spanish are opposed while the Americans and British are supportive of the eastern European demands. The Germans, said a NATO official, were sitting on the fence, wary of provoking Russia."

Scared of "provoking" Russia? Um, what are they doing right now LOL?

Here's how I read it: "We don't want to spend the money or resources to help because we know daddy and mommy will take care of it." And by "daddy/mommy", I mean the United States and the UK.

How about standing up for yourselves for once. You are supposed to be a Union of Countries working together...right? If the EU doesn't act, then it's void and null. It's nothing more than a collection of countries that are just hollow puppets. All it seems to do is talk, talk, talk, talk. 

Well, guess what, Russia isn't going to wait. Putin will reclaim the previous Russian states and be right on your doorstep. Do you think he will stop there? Will you THEN do something? You're going to have one big "oh shit" moment.

If World War III starts because of this incompetence, I solely place the blame on Europe.