Saturday, January 24, 2015

World Of Warcraft - New Heirloom "Collection" Reward

With the release of the PTR 6.1 patch, Blizzard has reintroduced the ability to obtain heirlooms outside of the Darkmoon Faire and Argent Tournament.

However, they have made it so you must purchase them for gold. Here is a picture of the current prices for the heirlooms:

You can then purchase items that will upgrade these heirlooms to be effective to level 90.

Therefore, theoretically if you wanted every heirloom and every heirloom upgraded, it would cost you a monumental amount of gold, if the prices remain the same when the patch goes live.

Would you pay that kind of gold for all the heirlooms? Probably not. But, what if there was an achievement tied along with getting every heirloom? Or, even a mount?

Well, it just so happens that there will be.

So does this mean a new player could potentially purchase heirlooms upon joining the game? The gold cost (right now) is likely too steep for a brand new player.

However, if they do add the game-time token that can be sold on the AH, then the new player could buy one of those and sell it. Thereby giving them probably enough gold to get the heirlooms they need to start (and then some extra).

But then factor in that you can purchase a boost to level 90 right now, then using money to purchase gold (via the token) doesn't seem to be a big deal. If a new player is willing to put down the money for the cost of the game, and then an extra $15 (or whatever the token price will/would be), then why not just purchase another character boost?

And I need to stress that last part, an extra character boost. Warlords already gives a free boost, so this would obviously be for another character.

Unless they are planning to do away with that free boost, I don't see this being beneficial for a brand new player.

Instead this seems purely geared (no pun intended) for players that are returning to the game or are wanting to level alts even faster than they can now.

I also don't understand the value of a mount you can use at level one. Does it come with free flying? Does it give you some other kind of benefit, other than cosmetic? Is it something that they have added just for mount collectors?

It's "use" as being capable to being used at level one seems rather lacking, and I seriously doubt that would be a good selling point.

So to answer the original question, no, I would not be willing to spend that kind of gold for every heirloom (ignoring the fact I have all of the PVE heirlooms at level 85 right now).