Friday, November 7, 2014

Blizzcon 2014 - Impressions

I think it best to break down this Blizzcon into the individual games. I'll simply use +/- A, B, C... grades.

World of Warcraft: "C-"
  • Was disappointing to not be given any information about what is after the initial launch content. I was hoping for at least some insight as to what to expect for patch 6.1.
  • I also was hoping to hear something regarding a pass over all the new updated races to do some touch ups based upon community feedback, and especially regarding animations, running in particular.
  • There wasn't much of a surprise that they didn't mention anything about the Blood Elf character model revamp, considering the feedback they have received regarding the others.
  • The speculation over the "Eye of Azshara" will continue ....
  • No mention of SSAA or SMAA graphics options being implemented =(
  • Argi, the Spacegoat pet they are releasing this year for charity, was the lone bright spot.

Warcraft Movie: "A-"
  • Was quite impressed with the main stage panel.
  • Bringing in some of the actual armor props that were used in the movie was very neat.
  • Learning that the people playing Orcs wore pajamas for most of the filming was funny.
  • Interesting technology for the camera operator to be able to see the people in the pajamas as renders of Orcs to help in filming.
  • The "Orc Walk" by Rob Kazinsky (Ogrim) was awesome. Learning that he has over 500 days/played and was in a top 100 raiding guild was some pretty cool info as well.
  • Overall the cast looks really good.
  • Duncan Jones seemed to have a good grasp of the Warcraft universe.
  • The only thing missing was a teaser or some type of footage. They eluded to their being at least something and would have been great to see. There's still another day to go though, so they could throw it into the closing ceremonies. If they don't, I understand, considering it's not going to be released until 2016.

Diablo III: "B-"
  • Some interesting new changes with the next ladder season.
  • The panel had some good explanations and answers during the Q and A, also people asked some good questions.
  • Not much else to say other than I'm happy they are taking the feedback from players to heart.

Overwatch: "A+++++++++++++++++++++...."
  • God damnit I wish I was there to play it! I can't wait!
  • From the people I've talked to that were there (lucky...) they loved it so much they would play, go back and stand in line, then play again almost the entire day LOL!
  • For a game that has just been announced, and just now playable, it's in a surprisingly advanced state.
  • Thank GOD they are making this game with a PC first mentality.
  • Each hero having their own unique abilities and ways to contribute is spectacular.
  • Overwatch overshadowed (lol...) just about everything else.

Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void: "B"
  • I haven't really played Starcraft for a couple years, so it was very nice to finally get some info for the end of this trilogy.
  • Xel'naga in the house!
  • "My life for Auir!" at the end of the cinematic teaser (I hope that's just a teaser, and they have more to show or have more in game as this deserves it!) made me smile.

Heroes of the Storm: "A"
  • Closed beta in January!
  • Glimpses of the new maps. I wonder how many they are going to have on release...
  • I literally screamed when I saw the Lost Vikings! Now we just need Kyle from Blackthorne! =)
  • Really hyped!

Hearthstone: "A"
  • The theme sounds really cool, and the new mech card mechanics should be very interesting.
  • Was a little disappointed they didn't add the Death Knight deck, but I bet they will eventually (and Monk).
  • Spectator Mode!
  • Thank goodness they will let us use the same Dust to craft the new 120 cards.
  • Releasing next month? Whoaaaa!
  • Good news all around!

I'm didn't watch any of the e-sports, so I won't comment on them.

Overall, this was not a Blizzcon for Warcraft, which is a little surprising in my opinion considering the 10 year anniversary of WoW. The movie panel was neat, but it didn't make up for the horrific Warcraft panel (honestly they shouldn't have even done it). However, the announcement of Overwatch and announcements for the other games was pretty good.