Monday, February 2, 2015

To Blizzard - Suggestions for Ashran

The side objectives have made it into a carousal roulette. Here are my suggestions:

1) Make the four side objectives conquest point bonus only good once per week, and lower that bonus to 75. 

This means you can get 300 (75 Conquest Points for each one) conquest points per week doing the four objectives. After that, it's only honor points and a chance at a chest containing honor quality gear. 

Also, make the spawn timers for each event completely random over a 20 minute + one-hour interval. That way it would be much more difficult to anticipate which event is next, and ensure the fastest spawn time for an event would be 20 minutes, and the longest 80 minutes.

2) More emphasis needs to be on rewarding players for holding the road locations. Such as, gaining conquest for defending or capturing points along the road. 

The farther you are along the road (towards the enemy base) will reward you with more conquest points (and honor points) than if you are closer to your base.

Award fragments (automatically) for capturing or defending a location. Award more for defending than capturing. This way the faction that is "losing" can get help faster by summoning NPCs.

3) Remove ALL patrolling guards on the roads (not capture points). The only NPCs that can freely move up and down the road should be the Captains, Kronus, Fangraal, and Kor'lok.

4) Change the Wolf Riders (and Alliance equivalents) into special "captain units" that advance down (towards the enemy base) the road. Have them always start at their respective base.

5) When a Captain, Kronus, Fangraal, or Kor'lok are summoned, have them spawn at the furthest road objective their respective faction holds (that is not in conflict).

For example (X = Captured, O = In conflict or fighting over)

[Base] ----- X1 ------ X2 ----- O ----- ...

They would spawn at X2 and advance to "O".

6) Make killing the rare mobs outside of the road more lucrative for assisting the battle on the road by providing more fragments, and giving special "items" more charges that can be used. Also, due to gear inflation, make them more powerful so they require at least a team of three to take down.

7) Lower the "end" timer, once the opposing faction commander is killed, to 10 minutes and do the following:

  • Reset all points/objectives along the road. 
  • Remove/Despawn all summoned NPCs (captains, portals, bosses, etc.) and resetting the fragments collected to spawn each. 
  • Do not allow turning in new fragments until the timer has completed.
This will effectively "reset" the entire Ashran battle so each side must start at their bases again.

The 10 minutes can then be considered a break or calm in the action where people can do other things until the battle commences once again.

These are just some things I have thought of as suggestions. I really, really like the premise of Ashran, but I believe there are things that can be done to help with its design. =)